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Node.js Developer

Hi! 👋

I'm Igor, CTO in Paralect, and I'm looking for a Node.JS developer to join our team. I like passionate developers who know more than me and openly share their knowledge. P.S. I don't really like React, even though it used on the majority of Paralect's projects 🤭. Apply to know why

Meet Vova, be like Vova

Paralect + JavaScript

Paralect was founded by developers in 2009. Strong engineering culture is the foundation of the company.

We've been enthusiastic about JavaScript and the technologies around it.

  • We've been using Node.JS on production products for 7 years, since 2014.
  • We're early adopters of MongoDB. We've developed Robomongo — an open-source MongoDB shell with more than a million downloads. Why we default to MongoDB in Paralect 👉here
  • We've been using react.js since 2014, react-native since 2016, nw.js since 2014, Electron since 2015. Betting on 0.x versions back then.
  • There are > 50 JavaScript engineers in Paralect's team today
  • We've trained more than 60 Full-Stack JavaScript engineers who graduated from the Startup Summer internship program.

We've made a bet on JavaScript (amongst other technologies we adopted) and the bet clearly won.

And we still believe in the bright future of JavaScript with new technologies to run API on edge networks and execute NodeJS directly in the browser.

P.S. We're not limited by JavaScript and update our stack regularly. See Paralect's complete stack.


Working in Paralect team brings you close to the experience we've gained during these years.

Skills we're looking for


JavaScript & Node.JS

Strong Knowledge

You should have a strong knowledge of JavaScript and understand the most quirky parts of the language.

You should understand the internal basics: event loop, micro/macro tasks, I/O, V8.

We prefer Koa and Express for API and expect that designing, running, and scaling an API is not an issue for you.



Medium Knowledge

Regardless of our love for MongoDB, RDBMS and SQL knowledge remain must-have skills for backend development.

We prefer PostgreSQL but experience with any relational database is enough.

Understanding the difference between OLTP, OLAP, and HTAP systems design will be beneficial.


System Design

Basic Knowledge

We hope you've heard something about Microservices, Event Sourcing, CQRS, DDD, Kappa/Lambda architectures.

We hope that the Log means more than console.log for you.

If you can conceptually describe how to design a Twitter/Facebook feed — it would be more than enough.



Strong Knowledge

We enjoy NoSQL databases and MongoDB in particular. MongoDB fits naturally in the JS full-stack and helps to avoid object-relational impedance mismatch.

We expect you to know some of the MongoDB drivers and the query language.

Understanding indexes, replication, and sharding will be beneficial.



Basic Knowledge

You should understand the basic concepts of clouds and the way to deliver your code to multiple environments.

GitHub Actions, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus, AWS are great, but Serverless and PaaS are often just enough.



Constant Learning

You should constantly search for ways to improve your current toolset and question the approaches that have been applied.

You should understand how to communicate + 'sell' your vision and find ways to apply your knowledge while minimizing risks for your team and the product you work on.


Scared by something from the above requirements? No worries — that's an ideal profile, but the world is not ideal. Below are some resources we recommend to check if you want to learn more. Architecture 🔥🔥 Designing data-intensive applications by Martin Kleppmann 🔥🔥 – The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction by Jay Kreps (Apache Kafka creator, CEO Confluent) – How to beat the CAP theorem by Nathan Marz (Apache Storm creator) – Questioning the Lambda Architecture by Jay Kreps – CQRS documents by Greg Yung System Design Towards Data Science Blog – Gaurav Sen YouTube channel – Tech Dummies YouTube channel – Success in Tech YouTube channel MongoDB Documentation (yes, it's pretty good) – M001: MongoDB Basics (the go-to official MongoDB course)

Products that need you 🦸🏼‍♀️

We're always looking for engineers to join our team on a number of products, including Paralect's own products and client ones.

Below are few hot openings but we're not limited to just these. Get in touch with us to find the best fit for your skills, interests, and values.

Paperclip 🔥


Paperclip is an accounting software built for startups.

Paperclip makes bookkeeping less boring by implementing familiar no-code features for their users.

Technical challenges include transaction reconciliation, scaling for enterprise clients, creating an SQL-like language engine for querying the data, and creating workflows.

AI content maker


AI content maker utilizes AI to create catchy and human-looking marketing text for many different use cases.

You simply need to insert several parameters like keywords, company name, words not to use, and audience, and the AI will generate marketing text for you based on this data.

This can be generated specifically for Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Product descriptions for Shopify, and much more!



Wynter delivers feedback on messaging from the people you're marketing to.

Wynter is the first product focused on copy testing and connects website owners with high-quality panel experts, including C-level executives, product managers and marketers.

Wynter provides exceptional UX to meet the demanding needs of its target audience.

Smart Alto


Smart Alto helps real estate agents qualify, nurture, and book appointments with real estate leads. The main goal is to help real estate agents increase their conversion rate so they can close deals faster and make more money.

The project makes an automation platform that helps real estate agents respond to leads.



An analytical tool to measure a product-market fit (uses qualitative data and a complex algorithm to deliver an objective report and actionable analysis to innovation stakeholders). They already have a working prototype and revenue - now it's time to build the custom application based on what they have learned in their product iterations over the past year.



IdeCo is a web app which helps people who moved to a new house or apartment to set up the utilities. Instead of visiting many sites of different providers, the resident is able to select such utilities as gas, electricity, Internet, phone, etc in one place.



Targeting the US market, Bluebanc is building a better digital banking solution for individuals and businesses.

Bank accounts, physical and virtual cards, multi-currently wallet and etc.


Not your fit? That's not all! Check few other products in our Showroom. We're pretty sure that we have a challenging job for you so get in touch with us.

Join us and make Dmitry, Paralect CEO, report to you weekly 👇.


Also, we ❤️ video

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Just.. Do.. It!

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