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About Paralect🌍

Paralect is a startup studio and venture builder. And we need help sharing our stories with the world — that's where you come in 🚀

We strive to build a place for creative people where they can develop their personal brand while working on exciting products.

We are looking for a creative Copywriter!

Alena Timofeeva - Head Of Marketing 👋


Our Marketing team: Head of Marketing, Head of Content, SMM-manager, Marketing analyst, Designer, Videographers, Photographer

See what you will do with examples of how we do it👇

We're looking for:

  • 2+ years copywriting experience
  • Pre-advanced English level
  • Understanding the IT market (but not the intricacies of development)
  • Ability to conduct interviews to collect materials for articles
  • Ability to think analytically
  • Mastering the art of storytelling
  • Portfolio availability

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in the domain of startups, digital products and IT

🤗 To get to know each other better, we have compiled the marketing principles we follow

We’re a people-centered team, so this theme should be present throughout all our content output.

1. Putting People-first in practice 🧔🏻‍♂️

Write each post for someone
Think about the value you bring!
Be afraid to sound like soulless bureaucratic companies.

Natalia Puzikova, Head of QA at Paralect, believes that the best way to develop the QA brand and reputation is to show (and share!) our expertise 💪🏽

Natalia Puzikova, who leads the QA team, believes the best way to develop trust and improve end-user experience with digital products is to show (and share!) our experience 💪🏽

Be short and to the point, don’t waste time on speaking about obvious things or smth too vague or far away.

"In my opinion, this is a really great idea, because you are founding the company not to just earn money. You need to bring the value to humanity." – Victoria Barouskaya, Project Manager at Paralect

All our teammates are free to share their ideas and test them in our Product Lab. Our employees know we'll support them to help create and develop products that improve society 🌎

2. Connect our experience with that someone. Be sincerely proud of the success of your team, partners, and network. 😊

Speak about people and their stories/cases. Use quotations from our teammates, mention and tag people.

Tell the story everywhere it’s possible. Even a short story is better than no story at all👉


3. Hook then give the main message

People scroll supa-fast! So the first line of any post has to grab them. This can expose a pain point or be a “hot take” on a current topic. Take a side.

Then deliver the key point(s) quickly. Emojis are nice.


4. Stop being know-it-all, always serious and boring. Engage in communication and sharing thoughts instead of just translating your opinion.

Question your own experience, ask your audience and you’ll see that sharing the experience is more powerful than translating your idea.

Try to be like AJ (followed by 23,393 followers) worldwide expert who still asks for any thoughts/insights/experience from those who are learning from him!


5. Re-use and repeat what you’ve posted

Just remember that you see each peace of content that you produce. While your audience see around 10-15%. It’s OK if you get tired from your content OR the idea you pitch BUT your audience needs more time and more touches with the idea. Don’t deprive audience of the opportunity to hear your idea and understand it.

6. Create context, engage people into and only then create a content

When you create a content you speak about the aspects that millions of others do, using the same keywords as they do. Instead of that create a context as resonant as possible and it will make people create a content around you and your story.

Good context examples are:

Make experiments and run a virus. Good one, of course!

🤭 Terms to Use

Partners or Founders/Entrepreneurs NOT clients

Teammates NOT employees

We or our community NOT Paralect or our company

Domain/expertise NOT Department

Product NOT Project

Продуктовая компания/Paralect NOT Международная IT компания

We offer:


Framework for professional and personal growth: regular reviews to develop professional competencies, corporate library, internal meetups, workshops for learning and experience sharing, English classes


Flexible working hours, remote work (with optional access to the office)


Modern equipment


Medical Insurance


Participation in various social and team-building events.


25 calendar days paid vacation per year + 3 paid personal days, paid sick leave


Relocation option


Remote teamwork in different countries. Look at here!


Bonuses: partnership & bonuses (, maternity bonus, employee referral bonuses


Personal brand development with the help of our video & photo production (check it out)

Check more videos about Paralect on YouTube Channel


Apply here→ and attach examples of your work🤞

or send an email to

Have any questions?

Connect with me to learn more about the vacancy and Paralect in general.


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